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How to curb Destructive Behaviours in pets
21 April 2023
My dog barks too much or my dog is destructive If your dog is barking, howling, digging excessively or seems to be in a continuous destructive mode, it is likely due to boredom. Dogs need mental a...
Desexing your pet can help resolve unwanted behaviour
14 April 2023
Did you know that desexing your pet can help resolve unwanted behaviour?
Unwanted behaviours such as: mounting urine spraying and ejaculation or menstruation roaming and trying to escape aggr...
Agressive Behaviour
7 April 2023
It is not that your animal is aggressive, it is just showing aggressive behaviours. Aggression is more common than you first might think and develops with good reason.  All behaviour is learnt...
Toilet Training
2 April 2023
a) My Dog Keeps Defecating in the House Just because the dog was house trained at his foster carer's home, it doesn't mean that s/he will automatically be toilet trained at your home. Train...
Cleaning and Painting
26 November 2022
The last few week saw us continuing the water blasting along the fence and pathways (the limited ones we have). They are now finished. We have now started on the kennels. A big thank you to Braid &...
Clearing, removing, mowing, and more cleaning
10 November 2022
Wow, it has been a crazy few months, and we have been busy, busy, busy. But it is definitely time for an update. We put out a call to arms a few weeks ago and executed our first working bee on ...
Our new kennels are a job and a half!
6 November 2022
Wow, what a blast the team had today! Or should we say what a lot of water blasting the team did today. We knew we had a big job ahead of us, but we are discovering more and more to do to this plac...