Success Stories

Stories of love, compassion and courage are not uncommon to our Angel-Paws family.
Success Story - Mao Mao
15 April 2023
Not all our animals come from struggling backgrounds, sometimes people find their situations change and due to circumstances beyond their control they are unable to keep their beloved pet. Angel-Pa...
Success Story - The Star Wars Puppies
11 February 2022
May the force be with you These puppies were orphaned at just three weeks old, when their mother was the victim of a car accident. They lived in an isolated coastal community and their humans were...
Success Story - JJ
11 February 2022
The Bluewater Pup On the 23rd of February 2019 Angel-Paws received a call from a gentleman out in the suburb of Bluewater about an injured dog that appeared to be limping. Angel-Paws volunteer Jul...
Success Story - Lucky
11 February 2020
Cheeky little Lucky definitely lives up to his name! Lux was originally found amongst a sea of other dogs; locked in a small backyard and teeming with fleas and ticks. Lucky had skin issues inclu...
Success Story - Lola
11 February 2019
Beautiful Lola came into care completely unrecognisable. She had no fur, was too scared to show her personality, and had forgotten how it felt to be loved. She had found herself in a regional pound...
Success Story - Captain Jack
11 June 2017
Captain Jack was found at the back of a trolley bay at a Townsville Shopping Centre. He was a fiery, feral and scared little kitten surviving on the scraps employees left for him. It took some tim...
Success Story - Beau
11 February 2017
To everyone who met five year old Beau, it was clear that this little man had endured a very tough start to life. Beau was described as being an overly anxious flighty, snappy, and a "one pe...