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Saturday 6th October was just another day of paradise in North Queensland: the sky was blue, the sun was shining and the sea glittered like sapphires in a pirate's treasure chest. However, the Angel-Paws Inc. jungle drums were pounding out a furious beat - bam, boom, bam - something exciting was happening today and it was happening at Mike Carney Toyota. Angel-Paws Inc. volunteers from all over town leapt out of bed, kissed their adopted cats and dogs, rubbed the sleep from their eyes and jumped into their Angel-Paws uniforms.

Later that morning there were a large mob of volunteers excitedly huddled in the foyer of Mike Carney Toyota speculating as to what was about to occur. Was the Mike Carney team about to adopt a dog? Was there a presentation of a cheque or a certificate of some kind? Perhaps a kitten from the W litter would be the new showroom cat? And, was anybody going to the Star Trek quiz night? Goober, a rather handsome Angel-Paws Inc. rescue dog stood quietly watching the chattering crowd. A slightly introverted chap he had been handed in to the council to be, gasp, euthanized but a volunteer saw him and saved his life.

Clayton, Angel-Paws Vice President, who is a similar height to Hugh Jackman but the resemblance ends there, stood up to say a few words that nobody listened to. There were also some words thrown around including 'HiAce', 'sponsorship' and 'Prius'.  Everyone heard these! The Angel-Paws volunteers gasped, some cried and some hugged as the gorgeous Kristy, Goober's mum and main orchestrator of the event unveiled the two stunning vehicles. Goober sniffed a tyre.

Not only were the vehicles provided to Angel-Paws Inc. but they were decorated with cats and dogs who Angel-Paws had adopted into the Townsville community. Bonnie, Levi, Peppa, Coco, Tanti, Zeek, Huxley, Keeper, Karla, Keg, Kiwi, Kolo, Kailua and Bear smiled out at the crowd. The volunteers leapt into the vehicles exhilarated at the generosity of the Mike Carney Toyota team.

You see there are more than 150 unwanted animals currently in the Angel-Paws Inc. foster care community. To give these cats and dogs a chance at finding their forever family they need to be picked up and driven to adoption days, meet and greets or taken to the vets so they are in their very best health. It's a lot of driving and the volunteers use their own vehicles. Now the core team can transport lots of animals all at the same time and the animals will be safe and in air conditioned comfort.

To the amazing team at Mike Carney Toyota, more than 150 animals send you their love, the Angel- Paws Inc. community think you are heroes and the people of Townsville will enjoy those beautiful faces of adopted fur babies cruising around town as the Angel-Paws Inc. angels tirelessly follow their passion; the care and rehoming of so many once unfortunate but now waiting to be adopted babies.








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