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Clearing, removing, mowing, and more cleaning

Posted by Larissa Huxley on 10 November 2022
Clearing, removing, mowing, and more cleaning

Wow, it has been a crazy few months, and we have been busy, busy, busy.

But it is definitely time for an update.

We put out a call to arms a few weeks ago and executed our first working bee on Friday and Saturday. To say we have taken on a huge job would be an understatement. However, we are in awe of the amazing work our volunteers have done so far.

Day 1 saw us clearing roofs, removing gutters, pulling down old fences, mowing, and cleaning the 2 buildings. The team from Round Mountain Rural Fire Brigade also brought a couple of their trucks down to help with water blasting the kennels to remove a heap of dirt, dust and debris. Wayne from Boehringer Ingelheim Pet Health Australia just kept cool, calm and consistent and did not stop! Our awesome President Clayton Cook, Managing Director from TP Human Capital stopped talking for a few hours and jumped on a variety of tools.

On day 2 gorgeous Preston from Town and Country Fencing and his bobcat ‘Marvin the Machine!’ started pulling out the perimeter fencing which sadly has to be replaced (at a rather large cost). A couple of the lads started working on the kennels which are in bad disrepair. The boys have pulled down fences and starting cutting out rusted posts and replacing or repairing them. This job too is going to cost a fair bit in materials.

We have finalising the cleaning of the buildings and have started water blasting to remove imbed grime around the property.

James Knaak Painting Contractors has donated his time to get the painting works done starting next Friday. Bunnings Warehouse (Fairfield Waters) and Danny from Taubmans Australia have committed to providing the materials for this job.

We can’t name all of the volunteers that have come along to help but can assure you we are so very grateful. Thank you all so much!

We still desperately need help to get us up and running. Roofing plumbers/plumbers, electricians, fencers, pest controllers, cabinet makers, builders and handy people skills are needed.

If you have any of these skills and can donate some time or if you are a business that can donate materials please contact larissa @

Larissa HuxleyAuthor:Larissa Huxley
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