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Cleaning and Painting

Posted by Larissa Huxley on 26 November 2022
Cleaning and Painting

The last few week saw us continuing the water blasting along the fence and pathways (the limited ones we have). They are now finished. We have now started on the kennels. A big thank you to Braid & Co Business & Safety Supplies for the donation of 20lt of degreaser. We will be using this for a few more weeks yet.

Taubmans Australia and Bunnings Warehouse (Fairfield Waters) have come to the party, providing all the materials we need to get the Cat House painted inside as well as the front veranda.

We managed to relocate a heap of our donations/equipment from our storage unit to our new home. This took 2 truckloads and 2 van loads to do. A huge thank you to Tony and Townsville Grammar School for the loan of their truck.

Our good friend Russell (who doesn’t want to be named) worked throughout the week to remove all of the rubble and fencing. A big thank you to Brookhill Quarry for taking all the broken concrete. It is great to see it will be recycled rather than go to landfill. All of the old fencing has also gone to recycling.

Our amazing Painters James Knaak and Lance McMahon have finished painting the upstairs of the house which will be converted into office space. James has been out every weekend for the last 3 weeks with Lance committing to a heap more jobs keeping him busy until at least Christmas. These guys are amazing. A couple of other regular guys, Torrens and Gavin have removed all the gates from the kennels and they are now at Waters Abrasive Blasting Services for sandblasting and coating. Thank you so much Chris and team!

We have some big building jobs coming up including the removal of a load bearing wall, front and back stairs to be replaced and The Cattery to be relocated from Kelso. The wonderdul team Shane Firmin Carpentry are doing most of this work for us. We have had the boys from KP Walsh Electrics Pty Ltd out this week to relocate an airconditioner for us.

They will be back to do more work further down the track. A massive thank you to everyone that has been involved so far. We have a long way to go but it is amazing to see the changes at the property already.

This weekend we need to rearrange the storage shed and put together all of the shelving. There is a fare bit to be done. We still have a heap of water blasting to do and at least one garden bed to pull out.

After all of this rain we will need to mow as well.

We have an area of concrete and fencing that needs to be removed as it is unsafe. Does anyone have a bobcat that they could bring down?

We will have people at the property Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you can come down and lend a hand please do.

If you would like to know more please don't hesitate to contact our project manager Larissa by email or phone 0412343971.


Larissa HuxleyAuthor:Larissa Huxley
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