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Success Story - Lucky

Success Story - Lucky

11 February 2020


Cheeky little Lucky definitely lives up to his name! Lux was originally found amongst a sea of other dogs; locked in a small backyard and teeming with fleas and ticks. Lucky had skin issues including callouses, warts, and hair loss due to neglect.

His transformation is almost hard to believe! He has gone from a dog locked in the backyard 24/7, to a pooch that sprawls out on the couch, romps around with his sisters, and loves to sit shotgun in the car. Lucky now has a huge personality full of sass and confidence. He adores his new mum and takes the title of "Sidekick" very seriously. Every day is an adventure for Lucky, and he has become an ambassador for Angel-Paws proving that with a little love and patience, even the most mistreated animals can bloom into loving, happy members of the family.

Lucky after photo

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About the Author:Larissa Huxley
About: Born in Townsville, my love for animals stems back as far as I can remember. I was always the one in school that would try to save the hornet that the other kids were trying to kill. As a child, I was horse mad. However, I soon discovered that a dog could sleep next to you whereas a horse couldn't. Thus, these days, dogs are my favourite animals due to their loving, loyal, forgiving and protective nature. In my spare time (of which I don't have much), I like to play scrabble and get into my garden. I also try to spend as much time with my best friend as I can, enjoying food and wine and partaking in the occasional sing-along.