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Success Story - Beau

Success Story - Beau

11 February 2017

Beau Adoption Image

To everyone who met five year old Beau, it was clear that this little man had endured a very tough start to life. Beau was described as being an overly anxious flighty, snappy, and a "one person dog".

Beau needed a family that was able to look past his insecurities, fears, and behavioural quirks, and trust that there was a loyal and loving companion under all of the trauma. Luckily for Beau, he found exactly that! Little Beau is now a confident, happy pooch who lives each day to the fullest and brings joy to everyone he meets. He is affectionately referred to as "Handbag" as he loves to be carried about. With his doting owner, his canine partner in crime, his own spot on the bed, and an endless amount of love; Beau is finally exactly where he is supposed to be. In the words of his loving owner, Loretta: "He is my Velcro dog, my soft bundle, my everything. He is home."

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About the Author:Larissa Huxley
About: Born in Townsville, my love for animals stems back as far as I can remember. I was always the one in school that would try to save the hornet that the other kids were trying to kill. As a child, I was horse mad. However, I soon discovered that a dog could sleep next to you whereas a horse couldn't. Thus, these days, dogs are my favourite animals due to their loving, loyal, forgiving and protective nature. In my spare time (of which I don't have much), I like to play scrabble and get into my garden. I also try to spend as much time with my best friend as I can, enjoying food and wine and partaking in the occasional sing-along.