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Raechelle Rauwer Angel-Paws Inc

Raechelle Rauwerda

Hi everyone! My name is Raechelle, but you can call me Rae. I have been a volunteer with Angel-Paws since May 2017 and was privileged to be asked to take on the role of Volunteer Coordinator in October 2018.

I started volunteering as an effort to give myself more purpose, but quickly learned that the animals needed my help more than I needed theirs. I stepped up my commitment as the demand and number of animals in need grew. I find my involvement very rewarding in many ways, but the one that stands out the most is the knowledge that I am making a difference every day. 

The animals have taught me so much about resilience, loyalty, love and compassion. I feel blessed and honoured that I am able to share what each animal has taught me with everyone I meet.

Each volunteer at Angel-Paws has a special success story to tell, here is mine: My dog Diamond came into foster care with the RSPCA as a cruelty case in August 2017. Diamond was being used as the main breeding female, hunting and possibly to bait other dogs into fighting.  When she was liberated, Diamond was only 22 kilos. She spent the next 6 months being treated for eye & ear infections along with severe wounds to her face, neck, tail and hind legs.  And to top it all off she was riddled with heartworm, parasites and sores from constantly sleeping on a concrete floor.

Diamond is now 38 kilos and gets the affection and care she so desperately needed and wanted. My husband and I adopted Diamond in 2018 and with continued training she continues to flourish in her happy loving environment. I was heartbroken to learn that stories like Diamond's are not uncommon. That is why each day I continue my work with passion and determination to help our furry companions who don't have a voice by becoming part of the solution.


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