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Meet the Administration & Social Media Team

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Julie Brice

Hi there, my name is Julie. I joined Angel-Paws in 2015 and am part of our first response and fundraising team. 

My love for animals began in childhood with my first ever pet; an English Springer Spaniel named Star.  I believe that if the animals of Townsville could talk, they would tell us to vaccinate, desex and microchip.   Actually, that's us, the animals would ask us to play with the squeaky toy.

The most rewarding part of my role is knowing that we are saving lives and enriching them - and the beauty of an empty inbox of course! My rescue cat (Dude aka Destructocat) has certainly enriched my life with his crazy antics.

I have lived in Townsville most of my life and believe there is no better place to live except perhaps in the middle of summer!  In my free time, I enjoy reading, playing scrabble, playing cards and having food and wine with friends.

Helen Lynn

Hello fellow animal lovers, I'm Helen. I am one of the Angel-Paws "First Responders", which means that I am one of the people who manage the emails and messages when you initially contact Angel-Paws. I also foster animals on occasion. 

I started volunteering for Angel-Paws after Townsville's RSPCA's shelter closed in 2018. I wanted to help in those dark times but I wasn't sure if fostering was right for me, so I decided to use some of my other skills and started making cat beds from donated pillows and doonas.

It is very rewarding to attend Angel-Paws meetings and to plan how we can help to fulfil the requests made from individuals of the public or regional pounds who rely heavily on our organisation. And then there's always the added joy of a furry cat or dog attending as well.
Everyone's success story with Angel-Paws is different, here is mine. My first foster cat Tommy "Two Socks". I drove all the way to Innisfail to pick him up. He was stressed and he was desperate for affection, but sometimes the two emotions collided. In the first week or so, I ended up with quite a few scratches, sideswipes and bites, just because he didn't want me to leave. After a while he came around and he was such a character! He even got a bit of a following on Facebook. After about a month the perfect people came into his life. He is now called Monty (short for Lord Montague) and his humans love him so much.

The older I get the more and more conscious I become of the injustices so many animals face on a daily basis. Four months ago I took my goal to make a difference even further and stopped consuming almost all animal products (It's a work in progress). It's a subject close to my heart and I give as much time as I can to the cause and I love it. I'm in awe of all the volunteers, and the different skills and experiences that we all bring to Angel-Paws.

Emily Rafter

Hello everyone, my name is Emily, My main duty within the Angel Paws organisation is to collate and print out animal profiles for our display wall at Angel-Paws HQ and other locations.  I am also responsible for keeping our animal's profiles on the "PetRescue" platform updated to allow our animals to gain more exposure and increase their chances of finding a furever family. As an admin of the Main Facebook Page I also help out with posts for our cats and dogs available for adoption as well as answering and forwarding facebook messages.

I started volunteering for Angel-Paws in 2015, when I was originally studying Veterinary Science.  I have had a few roles throughout my years of volunteering which included Puppy & Kitten Foster carer, Vet Coordinator, Dog Coordinator and Senior Dog Coordinator.  I have since cut back to concentrate on my studies and new career direction, however I am still involved with Angel-Paws Inc as much as possible.

My love for animals inspired me to become a volunteer with Angel-Paws Inc.  It is such a great feeling to be a part of a forever growing organisation that saves animals every day.  It also incredibly rewarding seeing the transformation the animals undertake. 

There are so many success stories in Angel-Paws Inc history. Personally, I especially love seeing how much confidence our timid pound rescues have once they are settled and given some TLC in their foster carer's homes. Some of our pound rescues have never played with toys or laid on a comfy bed before. As a foster carer I loved showing these timid creatures how good life can be! I love volunteering with Angel-Paws Inc knowing that I make a difference in these animals' lives.

Emily Rafter Angel-Paws Inc

Kellie Williams Angel-Paws Inc

Kellie Williams

Hello everyone, my name is Kellie. I'm Angel-Paws' Graphic Designer and I also keep our website updated. Back in April 2015 I decided to start volunteering. I wanted to connect with other like-minded people and also expand my catalogue of work.

I have a passion for nature and our environment because I believe we need to preserve it and the animals in it. (Time to clean it up everyone!)

Seeing Angel-Paws Inc evolve and grow over the past years is what I love most about volunteering.


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