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Angel-Paws Inc Scavenger Hunt


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How to Play

The Scavenger Hunt competition will run for 10 days in a special Facebook Group. You will receive points everytime you find an item on our list.

The competition will run from 17th July to 26th July, 2020.

The list will be released one item at a time (i.e. one item per day for 10 days = 10 items). One item will be posted in the Group every day at 6am. 

When you join you will be welcomed with a special post in the Group.

Each day participants will need to photograph their found item with a date stamp and share in their special post in the Group.


How the game is scored

Points will be awarded as per below:

  • Image submitted same day = 3 points
  • Image submitted next day = 2 points
  • Image submitted by the end of the competition = 1 points
  • All images to be submitted by 12am (Midnight) at the end of day 10

The person with the highest score is the winner. In the case of a tie, prizes may be split at the discrection of the organisers. 



Prizes: Bunnings Gift Vouchers

1st Place = $100 Bunnings Gift Voucher
2nd Place = $70 Bunnings Gift Voucher
3rd Place = $50 Bunnings Gift Voucher


How to Play on Desktop Computer

There are a number of free apps that will provide a photo stamp if your phone does not do this. Photostamp is an efficient free app.

To share in the Group, search for your name and share in that post only. Images shared elsewhere will not be counted.


How to find your post  

Go to 'search this group' in the side menu and type your Facebook name.

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How to play on your phone  

Go to 'search' at the top of the group and type in your Facebook name. Open the welcome post from when you joined and add your image in the comments.


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Purchase a ticket to scavenger hunt

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