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We know that you all like supporting Angel-Paws when you can. Well at the moment we are struggling a bit. All of our fundraising campaigns have been put on hold. This means, no Angel-Paws Walk & Pledge, no Annual live auction, no coming and seeing us at Stockland or other places. We, like the rest of the population are grounded.
Therefore, we have decided we will try to come up with ideas to keep you wanting to support our animals. Hence the Name the Puppy Auction. It is pretty simple. We have a litter of puppies in at the moment that need names. If you want to win the naming rights for any of these sweeties please pop over to our online auction and place a bid. The highest bidder for each pup wins the naming right. Once paid of course!
So please; open your wallet, put your thinking cap on and pop on over to the auction
The auction will only run until midnight Good Friday. Thank you for your continued support.


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