I'm Allergic to my New Pet

Being allergic to your pet doesn't have to stop you from owning one. Here are some suggestions you can try to manage your allergies around your pet: However, If symptoms continue or reoccur, contact your Doctor as there may be another underlying issue.

  •  Always wash your hands after handling your pet
  • Have a pet free area, such as the bedrooms. If your dog does come inside, consider reducing the occasions to only night time or hot days. Alternatively, you can also provide cats with their own 'area' on the bed that is away from your pillows and any bedding that would touch your skin
    Keep pets off the furniture and cover it with a bed sheet that can be removed for when you want to sit on the furniture to avoid contamination of fur and dander while you're not in the room
  • Keep dogs outside whenever you are not home to minimise the fur and dander in the home
  • Keep your home clean of dander by vacuuming all soft furniture and bedding weekly
  • If possible, avoid or remove old carpeting and install a laminate or tile flooring for easier maintenance and cleaning
  • Invest in an air purifier
  • Keep fans and air conditioning units clean of dust and dirt to avoid aggravating your allergies by stirring up dust and dirt that settles inside/on the fans/ air conditioners
  • Use washable and easily removable curtains and couch coverings
  • Launder your and your pet's bedding and towels regularly, but always separately. Then follow with cleaning the washing machine to remove pet hair and allergens
  • If your animal goes in your car invest in a removable cover, dog hammock or an easy to clean crate
    Wash and groom your animal regularly. Using the correct brush and technique for you pets' fur length and type will make a difference in their fur and skin health
  • Some people use Salt Lamps as a purifier and can aid in respiratory problems including allergies
  • Try altering your antihistamine with your Doctor's advice as some people's immune system can grow an intolerance
  • Get yourself tested for allergies as it may be something else such as the pet shampoo or flea treatment causing your reaction

Often, allergies to live in pets can be minimised if not eliminated within 2-3 months of the animal moving into the home. Finding a routine that suits you and your family can help your immune system gradually become resistant to the new allergen present in your home. After this introductory period, allergies can then be easily managed with regular care of your home and pet.