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A Helpful Guide To New Cat Owners

Posted by Amy Davis on 24 May 2021
A Helpful Guide To New Cat Owners

Being a pet parent might look like the easiest job on TV but believe me, it is not a job for the faint at heart. However, it is equally rewarding once you hack it.

If you have just brought a new furry friend home, you probably wonder what you need to do to ensure they are as comfortable as possible.

Not to worry; this guide is here to help you every step of the way. 


A Helpful Guide To New Cat Owners 

As far as pets are concerned, cats are the most independent species you will come across. So independent they are, your cat will mostly spend time in its world and activities. But that does not mean it will be easy going for you as a cat parent, especially when you are about to bring one home.

Before you adopt a cat and bring it home, here are a few things to keep in mind:


Getting The Best Cat For You

Remember that there are different cat breeds, and each requires extra attention and care. As such, we recommend researching each breed and understand its needs. This will allow you to plan yourself according to meet both your needs.  

For busy individuals, a cat breed that requires little care and attention are what you need. If not, get two cats to ensure they have enough company on their own when you are out in the office or running errands.

Also, keep in mind that age and gender matter when choosing the best cat for you. Do you want a young or an elderly cat, male or female? Each of these comes with different needs, and it is best to weigh your options first.  


About The Cat's Food 

Luckily, there are many cat food options for you to choose from. Even if you want to save money, we recommend going for a high-quality brand that provides your cat with all the required nutrients. 

Also, avoid feeding your cat any human food. Some of our foods are harmful to cats. So, avoid feeding your little furry friend chocolates, eggs, fish, raw meat, garlic, onions, milk, or other dairy products. 

However, your cat needs to be hydrated throughout, just like you. Ensure it has plenty of water by setting several bowls with water in different locations of the house. 

When it comes to feeding and set feeding times, your vet can help you develop a guide on how much you need to feed your cat, especially when it has health issues like constipation.


Where To Sleep

Yes, your cat needs and deserves a cozy cat bed with soft and warm blankest for maximum comfort. The bed's design will depend on the cat's age, where elderly cats require wider beds. You can place the cat's bed where it is close to you at any particular time. 

When choosing where to place the cat's bed, ensure it is in a quiet spot with little activity. A busy area will only stress your cat. To spice things up for the cat's nap times during the day, you can install some DIY shelves in the house and place soft cushions or blankets there.


Playing Time

Like any other pet, cats are also playful. As such, ensure your cat has enough play toys at its disposal. While it will be difficult to know what toys your cat prefers, buy a few different ones to start and add others with time when you identify what they love. Their favorite toy is the one they love playing with most of the time. 


Cat's Essentials

Besides the food, toys, and a cozy sleeping environment, your cat will require other items. These include a scratching post, a litter box, and grooming items for washing the cat and trimming the claws.


Veterinary Visits 

Your cat needs a regular visit to the vet. Even before you bring it home, have a vet examine it first to help diagnose any existing conditions and give you a reliable diet plan. The cat will also require vaccinations and neutering.
There is no need to panic if you are a new cat parent and do not know what you are doing. All you need is a helpful guide, which we have here, and you are good to go. Let's bring your little furry baby home! 

Amy DavisAuthor:Amy Davis
About: Amy is a pet enthusiast, who loves to care for all types of pets. You can find more of Amy's cat loving wisdom on her website
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