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The Angel-Paws Pledge


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about our organization.
Angel-Paws Inc. was incorporated in 2014 and since then has rapidly grown to its current situation of being the largest solely 'foster only' run domestic animal rescue in Queensland.


Angel-Paws Inc noticed a large gap in the provision of rehoming unwanted and displaced animals within Townsville and the surrounding areas. It is extremely clear that the community has a real need for Angel-Paws to fill this space.


For Angel-Paws to step up to this much-required role within the community it is necessary for extensive fundraising to take place and for the community at large to support this.
Hence the implementation of The Angel-Paws Inc. Pledge.


The Pledge envelops several key messages

1. Responsible pet ownership

2. To reduce the number of unwanted animals in our society

3. To find nurturing homes within the community and be the voice for those that cannot speak

4. To make a life time commitment to pets


Our Vision

Angel-Paws Pledge Walk is a celebrated annual event bringing the community and its animals together to acknowledge that pets are an important part of today's society. The event includes a Walk (up to 1 hour), with a group Pledge to be held at the end. The Pledge is hosted by a local animal lover leading all participants in an open verbal promise to their pets. All participants of the event will receive an Angel-Paws Pet Bandana and an electronic 'Angel-Paws Pledge' certificate.


The 2022 annual Angel-Paws Pledge is yet to be scheduled but make sure to stay in touch to find out details.




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