Surrendering An Animal

Surrendering your pet can be a heartbreaking decision. At Angel-Paws we understand this, but before you complete our surrender process we want you to make sure you have tried all other options.



Did you know that desexing your pet can help resolve unwanted behaviour?

  • Behaviours such as mounting, urine spraying and some forms of male agression can be reduced due to decreasing the hormone levels when neutering.
  • Most dogs will generally stop trying to escape, which is usually because they are in search of a mate.
  • Longer life expectancy in cats
  • Early spaying significantly reduces the risk of development of mammary tumours in female dogs
  • Pyometra, uterine cancer, ovarian cancer and testicular cancer are prevented
  • Over population prevention
  • Desexing does not change your animals personality. It does not destroy his "manhood" and it does not destroy her "maternal instincts".


My Dog Barks Too Much / My Dog is Destructive

If your dog is barking excessivly or seems to be in destructive mode it is likely due to bordem. Dogs need stimulation just like we humans do. Your dog will benefit from Environmental Enrichment.
Here are some things that can help you to keep your dog busy.

  • Increase your dogs social time by going for walks or dog parks.
  • Consider dog walkers if you are unable to walk your dog
  • Purchase new toys. Alternatively rotate different toys every week so that old toys become new toys every week.
  • Freeze dog treats so your pet has to work to get them, they will love you on a hot day.
  • Coconuts and palm fronds are great for dogs to rip up rather than your washing.
  • Bones, cows hooves, antlers and other hard treats you can buy from your local pet store are great for keeping your dog busy.
  • If your dog is a digger consider a sand pit, plastic childrens pools are great for creating a space to dig or water play if your dog likes it

Alot of different behaviours can be reduced by adding these ideas into your dogs day. Digging, escaping, barking, chewing, howling, whinging and pacing can all be realted to boredom.\


I Can No Longer Afford The Costs Of Owning My Pet

Owning a pet can be an expensive cost. Its estimated that owning a dog can cost around $1500 a year around $1000 for a cat. We understand that circumstances change and money problems can occur.
Here are some things that can help you cover the costs of your pet.

  • Seek a second opinion.
  • Call around your local vets and see which clinics have rewards systems. These may include discounts on vaccinations or desexing as well as monthly or yearly payment plans.
  • Consider generic brand medicine. Pharmacies, and even supermarkets, sometimes have the same pet medication as vets and often at a fraction of the price. Alternatively, ask if there is a generic version of the medication available.
  • Contact your local food shelters. Dog and cat food is a commonly donated item.
  • Cancel your gym member ship and go running with your dog instead, they will love the quality time.
  • Reduce your day-to-day costs. Are you buying lunch everday? Catching the bus when you could walk? Can you ditch a cup of coffee a couple times a week? All of these can add up.
  • Consider opening a bank account dedicated to your furry friend. Simply putting some small amounts away every week can help you save up for their yearly health check and other expenses.
  • Re-evaluate current subcriptions.
  • Seek help from your vet clinic.
  • Consider purchasing pet insurance. It might seem silly now but long term it could be beneficial.
  • Vet Pay is also avaliable at most clinics.


I'm Allergic

Being allergic to you pet doesn't have to stop you from owning one. Here are some suggestions you can try to manage your allergies around your pet.

  • Have a pet free area, such as a bedroom. If you dog does come inside consider reducing the times to night time or hot days.
  • Keep your home clean of dander
  • Invest in an air purifier
  • Consider washable and easy remove curtains and coverings for couches.
  • Wash bedsheets and towels regualarly. If your animal goes in your car invest in a removable cover or dog hammock to help easy clean.
  • Wash and groom your animal regularly.
  • Some people also reccommend Salt Lamps as a purifier and can aid in respiratory problems includen allergies.
  • Get yourself tested. You may think you are allergic, however it maybe something else such as their shampoo or flea treatment  causing your reaticion.


My Animal Has Some Aggression Problems

Aggression is alot more common then you first might think and usually there is a reason behind it. All behaviour is learnt behaviour and that means it can be unlearned. It is very common for males not to get along with males and the same for females.The first step to introducing a new dog to your current pet is to make sure you are doing it the right way. Rushing into a meet can come across as an invasion of space. Some dogs have bigger personal spaces than others.

If your dog is showing aggression to a person rule out anything that maybe frightening them. Are they wearing a hat? Glasses? Have they made a loud noise upon meeting your dog?  Any of these are enough to scare a dog into thinking someone is dangerous.

If you are having aggression issues we recommend seeking an animal trainer so that your animal does not potentially hurt anyone or another animal.

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I Have Found A Stray

Unfortunately Angel-Paws is unable to collect stray animals. If you have found an animal you should take it to your nearest vet for a microchip scan. From there the vets will be able to contact either the owners or the animal shelter.


Please consider these options before surrendering your animal.

If surrendering is still your only option please complete a surrender application and email to

All surrenders incurr an $80 surrender fee
Completeing a surrender form does not guarentee your animal a position in our foster program as we are constantly operating at 100% capacity.
A Dog Coordinator will be intouch when a position is avaliable.







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