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Lola Success StoryLola

Beautiful Lola came into care completely unrecognisable. She had no fur, was too scared to show her personality, and had forgotten how it felt to be loved. She had found herself in a regional pound, riddled with mange and facing euthanasia after being abandoned. Luckily, someone saw a sweet little pup underneath all of her misfortunes, and she found herself in the care of Angel-Paws. When Lola arrived at her foster carer's house, her carer was lost for words. At first, it was hard to tell that she was even a dog! With a lot of hard work, strict treatment plans, and oodles of love Lola's mange began to clear and she had started to blossom into the sweet, gentle girl she is today. With help from her carer, Lola found a beautiful family that have helped her see how wonderful the world can be. She spends her days playing with her human siblings, going for walks and snuggling on the couch with her family. 




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