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JJ - The Bluewater Pup

On the 23rd of February 2019 Angel-Paws recieved a call from a gentleman out in the suburb of Bluewater about an injured dog that appeared to be limping. Angel-Paws volunteer Julie Jelliffe responded to the scene to find a scared, emaciated and exhausted 10 month old puppy in need of urgent care.


JJ, named after the initials of his rescuer, was NOT microchipped and NOT desexed. He had a significant foot/leg injury, two broken teeth that needed extraction, an infected jaw, an injured eye that needed to be removed, and generally needed food, water and TLC. It was also estimated by our team that JJ had been wandering since he was eight weeks old and that his injuries were sustained from a fall from a significant height, an attack from a feral animal (such as a dingo or feral dog), and/or from running into a tree branch at high speed, respectively.


Amazingly, after only approximately 11 hours after his story was posted on Facebook, the Angel-Paws community donated almost $1500, enough to cover 75% of JJ's inital vet bills.


By the time he was adopted, JJ's vet bills cost Angel-Paws over $5000 and he was worth every cent. Despite all of his injuries and his history of wandering, as soon as JJ came into care he was described as 'a real sweety' by volunteers and vet nurses alike. Larissa Huxley, Angel-Paws General Manager stated that JJ was "one of the most resilient trusting pups we have ever had come into care. Before and after surgery [he was] a delight."


JJ was a pleasure to have in our care and is definately one of the cases that we will all remember for the rest of our lives. JJ did not have the best start to life, but his rescue, rehabilitation and subsequent adoption changed all of that for him thanks to our wonderful team of volunteers, fosters and, of course, our donators.



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