Bruiser was found on the side of the Bruce Highway at the foothills of the Cardwell Range. His eyes were cloudy and infected, he was underweight and had nicks, cuts and scrapes all over his body. He was so scared he would not move. It took over an hour for the lady that found him, Larissa, to get him into her car. Several cars stopped, but once the drivers saw the state of Bruiser they refused to help and drove away.

Larissa was beside herself and didn't know what to do. She decided to see if Bruiser would eat. All she had was some cold corned beef and a salad. Surprisingly Bruiser ate all of the meat and the triple cream brie cheese. He obviously wasn't on his death bed yet. This gave Larissa some encouragement so, using a towel to make a sling, she fed the towel under Bruiser and hauled him towards her car. She managed to get him into the back of her car. The minute he got in he stood up. Another positive sign.

Larissa took Bruiser to the local vet clinic in Ingham. From there Bruiser was handed over to Angel-Paws Inc. After taking x-rays it was revealed that Bruiser had been shot six times in the head. The bullets had severed his optic nerves causing his blindness. One bullet was removed for forensic evidence and registered with the Ingham Police. Bruiser's case was one of the most extreme cases Angel-Paws Inc. had ever dealt with.

After many consultations with various veterinarians it was decided that Bruiser was not in pain and was okay to be rehomed.
Bruiser's new owners, Aaron and Janice, have since had the remaining five bullets removed. Aaron realised that Bruiser would need extra attention for exercise because of his blindness. Since adopting Bruiser, Aaron has given up smoking and now runs three to four days a week to give Bruiser the exercise he needs and deserves.



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