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Apple and Baby Love

Apple was found on the side of an outback road eating road kill. She was little more than skin and bone. The person who took her in, fed her, bathed her and gave her a comfy bed and lots of cuddles.
At first it was thought that Apple was pregnant but by the next morning, because she had not stopped crying, her rescuer thought Apple may have already had pups.

Apple was taken back to where she was initially found to see if she had any pups. Within minutes, Apple ran down the road and through the bush, back to her one puppy buried under a pile of leaves. She promptly picked up the pup and trotted back to the car. She jumped in and did not go back. A search was made for more puppies but to no avail. Apple knew there were no others and was not interested in leaving her only pup to go look.

Angel-Paws Inc. had been working with Apple's rescuers since she had been found. Vet care was organised immediately for both Apple and her pup. Apart from severe malnutrition, Apple's health was okay and the pup was in extremely good condition. Less than 24 hours after being found Apple and her baby were with Angel-Paws Inc. and on the road to recovery.

Apple's puppy was named "Love" after the unique marking on her shoulders. When she was found, Love did not have her eyes open. She did not open her eyes until nearly a week after she came into Angel-Paws Inc.'s care. Love stayed with her mother until she was weaned. She has since grown into a happy and healthy puppy and found a new home with wonderful owners. While she has outgrown her heart marking, she will always be surrounded by love.


Day of coming into Angel-Paws Inc. July 2015




Angel-Paws Inc. Calendar Photo Shoot September 2015




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