In Memoriam


Unfortunately we can't save every animal - as much as we would like to. But the ones who have gone, have a very special place in our hearts!


We took you into our arms
And looked in your eyes so true
Never would you feel alone
This was our promise to you

We know how scared you must be
Your eyes wide with fear
"You are safe now" we whisper
Softly down your ear

You are now in the care of Angel-Paws
We are committed to finding you a home
And if that day shall never come
We will love you like our own

You may not have been adopted
You still had lots to share
Your last days filled with love
In our foster care

Sadly today we said goodbye
Your story wasn't meant to end
As you cross the rainbow bridge
Know that you are loved, my friend

Our hearts are broken with sadness
The tears will surely show
We tried our best to give you
The life every animal should know

Written by Yvette Kelly - Angel-Paws Inc. Foster Carer



Hamish 1/07/2015 - 24/01/2016

This post was one I hoped to never have to write. Unfortunately our beautiful boy Hamish crossed the rainbow bridge. He was diagnosed with intussusception (telescoping of the intestine). Despite surgery and all our prayers, our beautiful boy didn't make it.

He has touched the lives of many in his short life.Thank you to all his foster carers, past and present (and their housemates) for showing him love and kindness. You were such a smart loving boy. Rest in peace.


Benjamin Unknown - 2016

Benjamin crossed the rainbow bridge after coming in and out of care for two years. This sweet boy had a number of health issues that prevented him from being available for adoption. Unfortunately his medication did not allow him the quality of life he deserved, and the heartbreaking decision to help him cross the rainbow bridge was made.

He bonded most strongly with his foster carer Karen, and we would like to thank her for her dedication to this beautiful boy. RIP Benjamin, you were loved by many, and will be remembered by all.


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